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  • Attention teachers, it’s time to ditch your old school planners! Designed based on feedback from real educators, the Teacher Planner is equipped with 8 essential page templates for organizing your whole school year. Use it to manage class schedules, weekly exams, daily lesson plans, or option (d) all of the above. Use the Rocketbook App to blast your notes online to be shared with your students in seconds. The Teacher Planner has erasable pages, so you can save paper (and money) by reusing your planner semester after semester after semester….

  • 22 x 28 cm / 48 pages

    • 48 reusable pages with 8 different teacher-designed page types
    • Includes weekly, monthly, and 6-month planner pages, as well as templates for organizing your class schedule, lesson plans, and more
    • Funziona con qualsiasi penna, pennarello o evidenziatore Pilot FriXion per una scrittura fluida
    • Le pagine sono cancellabili con il panno in microfibra e la penna Pilot FriXion inclusi: riutilizza senza fine
    • Rocketbook App scans and connects your notebook to the cloud to digitally save and share your notes with students
  • Every school year is the same routine: buy a planner, lug it around, wish it had better templates. Not this school year. The Rocketbook Teacher Planner is reusable, so you don’t need to buy a new one. It’s also lightweight with less pages so it’s easy to bring from class to class. Finally, the planner’s templates are designed by real educators to ensure your organizational success.

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